How to Hit Bulls Eye when Setting the Asking Price For Your Home?

How to Hit Bulls Eye when Setting the Asking Price?

How to Hit Bulls Eye when Setting the Asking Price?Setting the asking price is one of the most important decisions having a huge impact on your endeavor is once you decide to sell your home. Most homeowners want their home to fetch the highest possible sale price, but they are unaware of how the dynamics of their housing market work. There are many factors affecting the sale price of a house ranging from its location, age, condition, and improvements that have been undertaken by the owner. It is very important to set the asking price right to make sure your listing attracts buyers and your house sells quickly.

Realty websites can be a good starting point

If you are not sure what should be the fair asking price of your house, it is good to find out this value with the help of realty websites. gives a rough estimate of your house if you provide your house address details to them. This estimate, called Zestimate, gives you a tough idea of the market value of your house. You can consult several other realty websites to arrive at the mean of these values.

Discuss with your real estate agent

The best person to discuss about the asking price of your house is your real estate agent. If he is a reliable and honest professional, he will not toe your line about asking price. He has the comps to arrive at the fair market value of your house. He knows the sale prices of comparable properties sold in your area in recent times. You can trust his advice as his commission depends upon selling your home successfully. Do not fall prey to the false promises of hobby realtors who say they can sell your house at a very high price.

Go for an appraisal

If you are still confused and believe your house should fetch a higher price than the price suggested by your agent, it is a good idea to have your house appraised by a professional. This third party, neutral appraiser would find out the most accurate market value of your house based on its location, condition, age, and features. Of course, you have to pay the fee for an appraisal but at least it will reveal the figure that you are so desperately looking for.


Setting the asking price right is in your own interest as it will help in selling your house quickly. Also, you have mental peace knowing you have received best price for your house.


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